How to List Your Home for Free – Wequire Quality Guide

How to List Your Home for Free – Wequire Quality Guide

Listing on Wequire is free. But we want you to sell/let your property fast and for a great price. Therefore we specified a few quality standards to make sure your listing shows your property in the most beneficial way. Please follow these rules so your listing will get approved in a heartbeat.

Key points of listing a property for free

1. Image quality & esthetics 4. Why is Wequire so picky?
2. Pleasing property conditions 5. Being rejected
3. Key information 6. Re-submitting a property

1. Pay attention to image quality and esthetics

The first point where homeowners get it wrong is that they focus only on the technical aspects (megapixels, resolution, expensive camera) of the images and pay no attention to esthetics. See our minimum requirements for both aspects.

Min. resolution 1920 x 1080 (2 MP) 

Pixelated, low-resolution images get rejected.
Hint: an iPhone 6 plus or later version can handle this easily.

Balanced lighting

This means you have neither too dark, nor too bright spots on your picture.
Hint: photographers use backdrops and additional light to get a natural and even feeling.

Sharp pictures

This might seem obvious, but cameras might catch a wrong focal point or sometimes users deliberately apply blur effects to romanticize their pictures. We allow true and sharp pictures only.

Horizontal orientation

Human eye spans approximately 120 degrees of arc. Pictures presenting a wider angle thus seem more natural. With few exceptions, we showcase horizontal pictures only.
Hint: when using a mobile, pay attention to level it horizontally.

Angles and picture cropping

This one is a hard nut, especially with small flats. The aim is to present your rooms in total, give an overview. You are not trying to sell a sofa or a bathtub, so if the only thing we see is pieces of furniture in your pictures, do not expect to be listed. 

2. Showcase your home in its top form

If you check our current properties for sale section, you will find everything from a bohemian studio flat to an expensive penthouse. Wequire has no preference for property types but to property owners. We prefer tidy, organized and meticulous homeowners.
See minimum requirements and big no-no conditions below.

Perfectly clean and tidy homes 👌

Clean and shiny surfaces make a difference not only in person but even in pictures. Take extra care for the windows, textiles, rugs and other furniture in your home.
Hint: do a thorough job or call a professional cleaning service

Dull, untelling surfaces and ambience 😒

With some attention and surfing on Pinterest, you can turn big white wall surfaces and poorly furnished rooms into airy and casual spaces.
Hint: do some research on home staging or use the help of a professional.

Personal belongings being visible 😫

Exposing personal belongings – socks, gym bags, towels, toothbrushes, etc. – simply speaks about complete negligence. Very bad sign for a potential buyer about the owner or the agent who took the pictures in such a condition.

Ruined or ramshackle condition 😱

Ruined flats might have great value, especially for property investors who seek to buy flats in good neighbourhoods at a discounted price. We allow such flats to be listed if there is a realistic 3D interior design to show the full potential of the flat.

Wequire: studio flat for sale by owner

3. Property features to be included in the listing

First and foremost, the most important feature is that only homeowners are allowed to list for free. The reason for it? 

Our goal is to assist homeowners and create the most effective property marketplace. To submit a listing successfully the following basics are needed above the quality requirements.

  • Be the owner of the property
  • Upload a floorplan
  • Telling description
  • Upload high-quality pictures

4. Why is Wequire so picky on property conditions and listing quality?

As you already know our listing service is for free, compared to other major property portals or online estate agents. We also want to deliver our pledge to help homeowners sell their property as quick as possible. How could we do so with ads that do not stand out? 

By being selective we promote homeowners who are willing to work on their home and prepare a quality listing that catches the eye. But we are there to help the rest as well. 

By throwing back a property listing we tell the homeowner to change and improve the presentation and condition of the property, otherwise, it will not attract the attention or will sell well below fair price. 

Pouring money into expensive advertising, and still not having enough serious visitors is way too familiar? We do not want to contribute to such a fiasco. 

5. What shall I do in case my listing gets rejected?

Just be patient and try to spot improvement opportunities for your home. Look for hints within our properties for sale section, where you will find all approved homes being offered by homeowners. 

A bit embarrassing to mention but in case of rejection please do not send us requests to get listed for money or try to upload the same flat but with a different user profile. We will not appreciate that. 😤

6. Re-submit your property 

However, if you managed to reach a high-quality standard either by DIY or using professional help, go back to our step-by-step free listing opportunity and be part of the quality homes only team.

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