Wequire Website Updates: Chatbot, Agent Filtering and More

Wequire Website Updates: Chatbot, Agent Filtering and More

Not just a property platform

Planning and execution was our daily grind for the last couple of weeks but finally our new website layout and features are available to property owners and buyers. Champagne cork was popped, but with little sound and flair. Wequire rolls on.

Chatbot baked in our owen

What does a startup do with a genius developer who is part of the team? Let’s him to develop an in-house built chatbot that makes it easy and safe to communicate home buying details. Proper job done Gergő!

Wequire chatbot for seamless and safe communication

Ring, ring who’s calling?

The biggest problem of ordinary property platforms is that anyone can call or bother a property seller. Agents, bargain hunters, property tourists and many other unsolicited contacts are reaching homeowners. Wequire has set the goal to filter all these groups out, so you as a homeowner have to deal with real buyers only.

We take privacy seriously. For this exact reason mobile phone verification is required from all users. We ban those numbers who are reported by users or can be linked to real estate agents.

What’s next?

Extending our platform towards a marketplace where homeowners can find not only their next buyer but also the best property service providers. Stay tuned.

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