Budapest Designer Flat Most Viewed on Wequire in March

Budapest Designer Flat Most Viewed on Wequire in March
Catching attention: flat with most views on Wequire

Since the launch of our commission-free property platform, our listing section got filled up with really amazing, high-quality flats from Budapest. All homes are for sale by owners as we filter out estate agents. Fortunately, many listed flats hold our hearts, but to exclude any taste bias we dived into Google Analytics to see which home had the most views in March.

Brave and unique interior design

The winner of the popularity contest is a real designer flat situated in the downtown artery of Budapest. The seller tells the property is Airbnb approved and indeed it has the full potential to serve tourists looking for some extravaganza in Budapest.

Airbnb approved designer flat from Budapest

How about the price?

In case you fell in love with this flat, the asking price is 45 million HUF (128.500 EUR). For those who are unfamiliar with Budapest property prices, Numbeo is a good starting point, however, the site is slightly lagging behind the most actual property price trends in Budapest.

For more pictures and details you can contact the seller via our own chatbot, after a quick account creation and phone verification. Good luck 😉

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