5 Interior Design Myths to Break

5 Interior Design Myths to Break

As we involuntarily had the chance to slow down and spend some quality time at home, you might be thinking about giving your interior space a bit of extra love. Scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, one is being bombarded with inspiration, or mistakes to learn from. I am sure you also came across the following 5 ‘rules’ of interior design, which should definitely be busted!

White on white looks sterile

Nope! If you scroll through my Instagram, you will notice that I am obsessed with white. It gives an airy and clean feel to space, no matter the size of your home. If you are living in a hot climate, the cooling effect of this beautiful colour will definitely benefit you. 

In order to avoid a cold atmosphere in cooler parts of the globe, opt for matt surfaces and natural materials such as timber and rattan. Adding fabrics like a chunky woollen throw, (faux) fur and an endless amount of cushions will ensure that your home looks friendly and inviting. 

White is always a winner when it comes to creating a simple, beautiful vibe. Bear in mind that white comes in many different shades that can perfectly blend together for a rich, yet calming atmosphere.

Balance can only be achieved with symmetry

Balance gives your home a sense of stability and equilibrium. It is achieved by carefully considering the placement of objects within a space. The simplest and most traditional way to create visual balance is symmetry. However, it can appear too formal, if overused. 

A more playful way to ensure balance is distributing the visual weight of objects. For example, you can offset a large plant in one corner of a room with a cluster of smaller objects in the other corner. Or, hang a pendant light on one side of your bathroom vanity, and balance it out with a vase on the other side. There are endless opportunities, so get creative in your space.

Matt white pots, whicker baskets and neutral colour tones provide a stunning coastal vibe. Use less of the same elements to soften your skandi or modern minimalist inspired home.

Furniture has to match

Surely you keep coming across of couch sets in every single furniture store. While this is the traditional way of furnishing a living room, to me it seems a bit ‘matchy-matchy’ and shows a lack of effort. Why not buy that safe beige/white/grey lounge for family nights and zing it up with an unexpected occasional chair? In my living room, I decided to repaint and repurpose an outdoor rattan chair. Does it match the main couch? Absolutely not. Do I still love it? Hell Yes!

Bring the outdoors in not only by adding an ample amount of greenery in your rooms, but also by using earthy elements. Depending on the look you are going for, you can leave the natural colour of rattan and cane furniture, or grab some paint spray and get to work.

Timbers should match

When hunting for furniture, we have been advised to look for timber that matches our floors. First of all, the floors are a little too warm-toned for my taste. Secondly, timber ages and changes colour over time, which makes it very hard to find identical pieces.  It can also make the room feel bland and boring. Appreciate the beauty of nature and don’t be afraid to take home different timber furniture you fall in love with.

Contemporary interior design is defined by embracing nature and sustainability. Grasp the perfect imperfection of timber by adding different shades and types of wooden furniture.

Metals need to match

Most homes have been built with only using one type of metallic finish. The safest choice is chrome, and you will find it in almost every single kitchen and bathroom. However, if you are creating your dream home, don’t be scared to think outside the box. Mix up the tap ware, cabinetry pulls and appliances! The trick is to select a dominant colour and use one or two as accent(s). My favourite is black or white and brass, but you could also pull off a nickel & gold combo. However, do make sure that you use each metal at least twice. Jump on to Pinterest and you will find your perfect metallic match, guaranteed.

Gold, brass and black metals give a nostalgic glam to this kitchen mood board created with Style Sourcebook.

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