Top 5 achievements of Wequire in 2020

Top 5 achievements of Wequire in 2020

What is Wequire?

Like most startups in their first year, probably we too shall start with an introduction. So what is Wequire? We are a zero-commission property platform that aims to replace the job of estate agents. Currently, property advertising and home improvement are the two main services we offer for homeowners. Other essential tools will be implemented soon, so keep an eye on us. Now, looking back to 2020, these were our top 5 achievements.

1. Launching our free property portal for homeowners

It was electrifying to see how an unknown brand like ours can win the trust of users. To upload a property, owners need to create an account and spend at least 5-10 mins to finish their listing. Seeing the first real listing was an uplifting experience, finding the way to the 16% MoM acquisition growth strategy was not an easy journey. 

We will close the year with over 140 listings by owners, all acquired organically. Needless to say, we have plans on how to set real fire.

2. Addition of home improvement services

After our free advertising service has gained some traction, our focus turned towards the home improvement options. Here we managed to add 16 professional interior designers and photographers from Hungary who can help to bring any home in tip-top shape. Users can get price quotes for their home projects almost instantly and competitively. 

3. Organic social media post results

Facebook for reach, Instagram for engagement. In a nutshell, this is our social media learning from 2020. Looking at the insights, our most successful Facebook post managed to reach extra potential.

  • Organic Reach: 6797
  • Likes, Comments & Shares: 75
  • Post Clicks: 1760

Regarding our Instagram page, it grew organically and reached over 1400 followers, with the most engaging posts having more than 250 reactions. 

4. Team expansion

It was a funny realization to us – that by complete luck – we make up the startup dream team that is the Hipster, Hacker, and Hustler formation according to the CCO of AKQA. How did we find our fourth member? 

It went without looking for one. 

To our biggest surprise, a long and very well compiled mail dropped to our mailbox. A couple of weeks later, we added Virág, our customer relations angel to the team. Luck again, or maybe not.

5. Evolution of our stack

Initial trials of site-builders like Wix and WordPress were quickly discarded for more mature and tailor-made solutions. Major decisions included the change to server-side rendering (SSR) framework and migrating the frontend application code to Next.js. 

Another crucial decision was to migrate our whole frontend infrastructure from Heroku to AWS ECS. It made a slight reduction in our costs as now we can easily customize the computing resources given to our apps.

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